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Anonymous Surfing is Too Slow

To increase overall performance and speed of IP address selection, try to adjust Network Timeout parameter (see Options, Advanced tab). Default value is 5000, try setting 2000, for example.
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Bypassing content censorship (set by ISP)

To unblock a web site being blocked by ISP (content filtering), try switching off 'Use fast HTTP proxies for Internet Explorer).
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Can I post sensitive information, such as credit card info, through internet while surfing anonymously?

Yes, it is safe to post such information, but only if you are sure that target website (e.g. online store) uses secure connection (e.g. SSL) when accepting this data. Intermediate 3-rd party proxy servers and even your ISP can't decode anything in this case.
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Canadian, Australian, UK, US IP addresses?

Setup country filter: open Options, check 'apply geographical location filter', click Countries and set check on desired country only. We can't guarantee presense of IP address for the country of your choice everytime, if you get 'Cannot find' messages, try again later or expand your filter to include more countries.
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Does it work with LimeWire?

It doesn't work automatically with LimeWire, however you can configure it manually:
1) Use 'Launch Other' button and find proxy (IP:port pair)
2) Enter this proxy into LimWire proxy settings (proxy type is usually SOCKS5).
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Does Ninja Surfing program work with FireFox?

Unfortunately FireFox is not supported in current release, however we plan to support it in future releases.
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Error 15:0

If you get error 15:0, try closing all web browser windows and launch the program again. If this doesn't help, reboot your computer.
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How can I hide my activity from Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Your ISP will still be able to see which web sites you visiting, but websites you connect to will no be not able to track you and your ISP.
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How do you check to verify that ip address is hidden or changed?

After starting web browser with the program, just navigate to any publicly available web site - for example,, - and you should see fake IP, but not your real one. Please make sure you use proper web browser window - the one started by the program (all others are not anonymous).
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How it works?

The program forwards all your networking activity through anonymous proxy servers around the world. You connect to proxy, then proxy connects to web site on your behalf and web site detects proxy IP instead of your real IP.
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How it works? How anonymous web surfing is possible?

The program creates anonymous channel between you and web sites you visit. The connection is made to special computer called proxy server, and then proxy connects to web site on behalf of its own IP, making your real IP masked.

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How much is the software?

We have 2 pricing options: standard edition ($24.95) and professional ($49.90). Pro version has 2 major benefits - faster proxies and premium support services.

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How to change IP address?

1) To change your IP, click 'Launch Web Browser' button, confirm fake IP selection and surf the web using newly web browser window.
2) To change fake IP, close web browser and do the same as above, but this time click 'Try Next' button when prompted to reuse last IP address.
3) To revert back to real IP, close web browser windows started by the program.

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How to revert back to original IP?

To revert back to real IP, just close web browser window started by the program.
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How to unban myself from web site or forum?

Try the following:
1) Clear web browser cookies (in Internet Explorer 7, use Tools | Delete Browsing History command, in Internet Explorer 6, use Tools | Internet Options command)
2) Launch web browser window (click 'Launch Web Browser' button) and open web site inside it (either enter web site URL into 'Surf Anonymous' box or replace default ip_check.php URL in address bar). Don't use any other windows, they are not anonymous.
3) Bew sure to register new account (in case web site requires registration).
4) If registartion requires activation (through web link sent by e-mail), make sure you launch this link in anonymous web browser window (started at step (2).

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I reinstalled my computer and program asks for reactivation code.

Please submit support ticket and include your order ID and name with it. New license will be sent to you shortly.
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I want to anonymize my software but don´t know which executable file to launch. How do I locate it?

That´s easy, under Windows NT, 2000, XP or higher, follow this steps:

1) Start the application which you want to make anonymous.
2) Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to invoke Windows Task Manager.
3) Click on Applications tab (opened by default).
4) Look for your application´s title and right-click it.
5) Click the Go To Process menu item to navigate to Processes tab.
6) Notice executable file name of selected item (e.g. iexplore.exe).
7) Find this file using standard Windows Search (click Start | Search).
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I'm blocked from web site and trying to access it anonymousy but it still won't let me go. What to do?

1) Make sure you access poker site (both registration and all other access) using web browser window started by the program. All other windows are not anonymous.
2) Clear web browser cookies, they can be used to track your identity in addition to IP address. Use Tools | Delete Browsing History command in the toolbar. Cookies must be cleared both before registartion and game play.
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I´m using personal desktop firewall software (such as Windows XP Firewall). How do I configure it?

You must open all ports for OUTGOING access - because proxy servers can be located at any port number. The access must be allowed for the program itself and the application you launch with it (web browser). If you use 'Launch Other' button, you can only open TCP ports 80 and 1080.
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If I buy the program, will I be able to install it on 2 or more (multiple) computers?

Each license is bound to single computer only, you will need to purchase multiple licenses if you are going to run it on more than one computer and it doesn't matter how many people use it. We provide volume discounts for multi-license orders.
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Is it possible to use the program within corporate network (at work)?

Generally not. That is because network administrators in most organizations disable all outside network access except for corporate e-mail and web browsing through designated proxy server. Anonymization services require special network access (SOCKS protocol on port 1080) in order to work properly. Also, many enterprises discourage usage of such tools, so please don´t violate their policies.
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Is my fake IP changed everytime I start the program?

Fake IP address is choosen randomly, but sometimes it can be the same. However you can always click Try Next button in 'proxy selection' dialog box to select new IP address.
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Is Windows Vista Supported?

Windows Vista is supported, however you need to adjust the following: open Tools->Internet Options->Security Tab and uncheck 'Enable Protected Mode', then restart Internet Explorer.
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Playing Online Games Anonymously

How to play online game under anonymoys IP address?

It depends on your game - is it web-based or requires separate download executable? In the first case, use 'launch web bowser' button to start anonymous web browsing session and navigate to your game site. In the latter case, use 'launch other' and locate and game executable file.
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Program freezes looking for proxies

Most likely it happens because of firewall port blocking. Try disabling your firewall to check if it helps, then proceed with proper firewall configuration (you must enable all TCP ports for outgoing access).
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The product stopped working under IE7

In Internet Explorer, check: Tools->Manage Add-ons and make sure "Anonymizer Proxy" add-on is enabled.
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Web browser and other anonymized programs work but after some time freeze the machine and stop working. Why is that?

Try changing IP address, this should help (Close program, start again, when prompted to reuse last IP, click Try Next).
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Web site still detects my IP even though I opened the site with the netconceal browser window

Try closing all web browser windows or even restart your computer, then launch web browser again, this should help. Most likely new web browser reused existing instance and didn't become anonymous. Please make sure that no other application instances are started before launching application under the program and try again. This is applicable for FireFox, for example.
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Web sites still detect my real IP.

Please make sure you access web sites using web browser window started by the program. All other windows are not anonymous.
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Will software mask my IP address when using Peer to Peer (P2P) activities?

The program should work with P2P software (except for LimeWire), use 'Launch Other' button and select your software's executable file. Beware of firewall problems - if the software can't connect, try disabling your firewall to check if it helps, then proceed with proper firewall configuration. If this still doesn't work, try changing IP address (close P2P, start again and click 'Try Next' when prompted to reuse last IP address).
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