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Proxy Server for online privacy with web site review, topsite list, proxy detector and ip address range tool. - Shareware Upload/Download Site. - Free RSS to JavaScript conversion tool, easily integrate any RSS or RDF feed into your web-site.

Mjmls - Internet Advertising

ProxyBlind Proxy List - ProxyBlind Information, technology and tutorials about proxy server with free proxy list.

Directory of Internet Security Resources: security software, free download, personal firewall software, internet security reviews...

Open Proxy Database Xroxy.Com - Site offers frequently updated HTTP proxy lists available for free download and subscription. software download - download and/or purchase good shareware, freeware and commercial software MSWindows, Mac, Linux, Palm Free downloads of any software you need

ZR Software - Building the web´s largest online software library

Newsy Stuff - the only news portal - Software download Center.

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Hide IP Address A directory of free and shareware software,instant messaging software,computer software,dvd software,cheap software,chat software,webcam software : Free PC Downloads A software archive of more than 5000 windows applications. Free downloadable software, games and utilites.

Service-1 - shareware downloads.

Yankee Download - non-stop upadted freeware and shareware download site.

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Freeware and Shareware Download Center - All Software Novelties

5starshare Software Download - The shareware and freeware Download site, PAD submission is accepted.

FilesWeb - freeware and shareware directory organized by keywords - Search engine dedicated to software and shareware - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads Freeware, Shareware software download.

Euro Download - shareware and freeware download archive updated daily. - A selection of softwares, freewares and sharewares to download. PAD Driven site.

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Privacy Concerns

Don´t want anyone to track your real location with 1 mile precision? Banned from your favorite forum? PC attacked by hackers?

This is possible because your private IP address is publicly available to everyone.

Privacy Solution

Your Privacy Checklist:

 Hide Real IP Address
 Change Fake IP Often
 Protect Personal Data
 Erase Local Tracks

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