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Hide IP Frequently Asked Questions

I see my real IP instead of faked one under NetConceal Anonymity Shield. What's wrong?

Most likely you have tried to start new application under NetConceal Anonymity Shield but the application has re-used existing instance which is not anonymized. Please make sure that no other application instances (e.g. web browsers) are started before launching application under NetConceal Anonymity Shield and try again.

How to verify that my IP address is hidden?

After starting web browser from NetConceal Anonymity Shield, just go to any of publicly available web sites - for example,, or even our web site start page - - and you should see fake IP, but not your real one.

Does NetConceal Anonymity Shield hide networking activity from my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Your ISP will still be able to see which web sites you are visiting and what other networking activity you are doing, but the web sites you are connecting to will no be not able to track you and your ISP.

Is my fake IP changed everytime I start NetConceal Anonymity Shield?

The faked IP address is choosen randomly, but sometimes it can be the same. But you can always click Try Next button to select new IP address.

Can I post sensitive information, such as my credit card info, through internet while surfing anonymously?

Yes, it is safe to post such information, but only you are sure that target site (e.g. online store) uses secure connection (e.g. SSL) when accepting this data. Intermediate 3-rd party proxy servers and even your ISP won´t be able to decode anything in this case.

I´m using personal desktop firewall software (such as Windows XP Firewall or Outpost firewall). How to configure it for proper NetConceal Anonymity Shield operation?

Basically you should open TCP ports 80 and 1080 only since most proxy servers use this port numbers by default. This ports must be open both for NetConceal Anonymity Shield executable (netconceal.exe) and for the application you are running anonymously (e.g. your web browser). Feel free to contact our technical support if you need help configuring your firewall. Some SOCKS proxy servers use weird port numbers, such as 23456 and 12745, rather than well-known one (1080), but they they can be ignored for the sake of simplicity.

Is it possible to use NetConceal Anonymity Shield within corporate network?

Generally not. That is because network administrators in most organizations disable all outside network access except for corporate e-mail and web browsing through designated proxy server. Anonymization services require special network access (SOCKS protocol on port 1080) in order to work properly. Also, many enterprises discourage usage of such tools, so please don´t violate their policies.

I want to anonymize my software but don´t know which executable file to launch. How to locate it?

That´s easy, under Windows NT, 2000, XP or higher, follow this steps:

  • Start the application which you want to make anonymous.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to invoke Windows Task Manager.
  • Click on Applications tab (opened by default).
  • Look for your application´s title and right-click it.
  • Click the Go To Process menu item to navigate to Processes tab.
  • Notice executable file name of selected item (e.g. iexplore.exe).
  • Find this file using standard Windows Search (click Start | Search).



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This is possible because your private IP address is publicly available to everyone.

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