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Hide IP Address - Keep Your Privacy!

Your current IP address is: Your computer located in: United States .
Be careful - IP address is a unique ID which points exactly to your location, with very high precision, right to the door of your apartment.

Hide Your Real IP Address - NetConceal Anonymity Shield creates proxy connection between you and web site, and web site detects proxy IP address (fake IP) instead of your real IP. Fake IP resolves to some computer located far away from your real location. Click here to learn more.

Fake Country of Origin - Set your fake location to other country, surf anonymously and bypass restrictions enforced by some web sites.

Post Messages to Forums and Newsgroups Even When Banned - Forum admin illegally banned you? Calm down, here is your solution. Use with NetConceal AntiHistory to be 100% effective.

Supports All Applications - Works with any program you specify, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Outlook, P2P, IM and many others, all automatically! Just select executable and see how it works.

Access Restricted Sites - Bypass most ISP restrictions and content filtering enforced by government (read news, watch movies etc).

Identity Protection - Your real IP can be used to attack your computer and steal personal data. Viruses, rootkits, spyware and other malicious programs exist to support their crime. Hide IP and be safe!

Send E-mails Anonymously - Never mind - you will not be detected by originator IP address which is always present in e-mail headers. Both web mail and misc e-mail programs such as Outlook supported.

Play Games Anonymously - Poker, online contests etc - all supported!

Make Anonymous Forum Posts - and don't care - you can't be tracked anyway.

Make Secure Purchases - From restricted countries while travelling abroad.


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