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NetConceal Anonymity Shield

NetConceal Anonymity Shield introduces a new approach to your privacy that combines the latest technology and hidden knowledge of the advanced network protocols to reach an unparalleled level of anonymity problem resolution, while being absolutely safe to use.

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NetConceal Anonymity Shield hides your real IP address and other private information (your location, your ISP etc) by redirecting all of your network activity through special Internet computers, known as Proxy Servers. It uses special SOCKS protocol to communicate with proxy servers instead of communicating directly to target Internet resources. The proxy server, on its side, performs communication with target Internet resource on behalf of your application, but using its own IP address. This allows you to use your favorite network resources in a usual way, but hides your IP address and real location from anyone. You can, for example, surf the web or communicate through instant messenger, staying in your country, e.g. United States, but look to all other people like you are, for example, in Hong Kong or Japan. Sounds fantastic, but that´s the way how it really works!

Basic anonymization scheme:

Anonymous internet access

NetConceal Anonymity Shield features:

  • anonymous web surfing
  • hiding of your real location
  • secure and anonymous e-mails
  • anonymous instant messaging
  • support for all your favorite applications
  • hacker, virus and spyware protection
  • very nice and easy to use
  • fully automatic configuration

NetConceal Anonymity Shield engine is built on SmartProxy technology that provides for seamless wrapping of every network-aware application, such as web browser or instant messenger, and makes them completely anonymous to world outside. SmartProxy is based on a sophisticated technique that provides for automatic injection into application networking core, making it an ideal instrument for anonymization.

Other features include:

  • AutoProxy
  • Location Filtering
  • Intuitive Interface

Read more about features and benefits.

NetConceal Anonymity Shield is a state of the art privacy solution which completely breaks down all of your anonymity concerns!

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Privacy Concerns

Don´t want anyone to track your real location with 1 mile precision? Banned from your favorite forum? PC attacked by hackers?

This is possible because your private IP address is publicly available to everyone.

Privacy Solution

Your Privacy Checklist:

 Hide Real IP Address
 Change Fake IP Often
 Protect Personal Data
 Erase Local Tracks

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