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Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

The table below gives you a brief outline of major NetConceal AntiHistory features, and explains what benefits they bring you.


Product feature

How you benefit using it

History Cleanup

Clears history of your activity tracks.

Every application you use leaves undesired traces: cookies, history, temporary files, recently used files etc. When your computer is accessed by someone (your family, your boss etc.) this tracks reveal details of your private life.

Nobody will be able to determine what you were doing on your computer.

Index.dat Cleaning

Securely sweeps contents of index.dat files.

MS Internet Explorer stores cache of visited URLs, cookies and temporary files in index.dat files. Files are hidden and cannot be deleted manually. Sensitive information inside these files can be used to track your activity.

NetConceal AntiHistory dives deep into contents of index.dat files and sweeps every bit of cached information entirely. Unlike other tools, restart is not required for proper and safe index.dat cleanup.

Offers Scheduled Operation

Activates automatic history cleanup at specified time periods. You just select what to clean and when, for example, you can configure sweeping of web surfing history every hour.

You're always sure no tracks are left for investigation by unwanted people.

Intuitive Interface

Built with clear ease of use and usability in mind, user interface provides the highest level of program function availability to you, no matter your level of experience.

You don´t need to spend a lot of time digging through all program features, when you need an immediate result. All the options are at your finger tips for total control of your privacy needs. Advanced features are available for sophisticated users as well.



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Download NetConceal AntiHistory

Download NetConceal AntiHistory!

Privacy Concerns

Don´t want anyone to track your real location with 1 mile precision? Banned from your favorite forum? PC attacked by hackers?

This is possible because your private IP address is publicly available to everyone.

Privacy Solution

Your Privacy Checklist:

 Hide Real IP Address
 Change Fake IP Often
 Protect Personal Data
 Erase Local Tracks

Privacy Checklist



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